June 12th to June 23rd, 2017
Monterotondo (RM)

Secondary school students, Researchers, Experts in science communication

20 Students

The first edition of Summer in Science has involved 20 4th-year Italian upper secondary school students at the EMBL Research Campus in Monterotondo (RM) for a 2-weeks program (from June 12th to June 23rd, 2017):
– during the first week, students engaged in activities aimed at developing basic knowledge and skills needed to conduct simple molecular biology experiments. This training, provided by Adamas Scienza Science Educators, is key to acquire awareness and trust on the basic requirements of laboratory work, but it is also be an opportunity to explore learning of Science in an informal context and to collectively elaborate on science relations with individuals and societies.
– during the second week students have been introduced to real laboratory life, hosted by supporting research groups who shared with them goals, strategies and methodologies adopted in each lab.
The launch of “Summer in Science” has been a great success in the eyes of students and researchers involved, and gained a remarkable media visibility.

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