10-21 June 2019
Monterotondo (RM)

Secondary school students, Researchers, Experts in Science Education

16 Students

“Summer in Science” 2019 saw the participation of 16 Italian students of the penultimate year of high school. The selection of students was mainly based on personal motivation (assessed through a questionnaire and consulting the opinion of teachers), openness to new experiences and mastery of the English language.

The school programme took place over two weeks (from 10 to 21 June 2019):

  • a week of theoretical/practical training coordinated by Adamas Scienza educators, with ample space for laboratory exercises (preparation of solutions and reagents, design and execution of a cloning experiment and induction of the production of a recombinant protein in bacteria).
  • In the second week the students were immersed in real laboratory life, and hosted in different research groups related to EMBL and CNR, supporting researchers in conducting experiments, data analysis, discussion of the results.

The programme has been enriched by several group activities aimed at promoting integration and collaboration among students. At the end of the first week, in fact, the students – divided into four working groups – presented their work on four frontier themes of scientific research: metagenomics, artificial intelligence, stem cell research and animal research. The presentations were followed by a scientific career orientation session with the participation of external guests from different sectors of the public and private research.
During the weekend, the students also took part in a visit to the capital and were able to enjoy some relaxation at the swimming pool of the residence where they were staying.
The exchanges with the researchers of the Campus were facilitated by the organization of an aperitif, a soccer match and the final dinner attended by many of the tutors who followed the students in the second week of internship in the laboratory.

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