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The “Be Scientist!” project is a format conceived and successfully tested by Adamas Scienza and further refined over the years, aimed at promoting the scientific literacy among secondary school students by launching an innovative, longer-term program based on the use of hands-on and multimedia tools in the context of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE).

The main project objectives are:

  • Provide teacher training in the field of biotechnologies applied to Neuroscience and Stem Cell Research
  • Develop and implement inquiry- and technology-based educational resources for science education
  • Support for resources implementation in the classroom
  • Production – by the students involved in the project – of short videos to present specific scientific topics

The project is launched by a 3-day Opening Workshop, attended by one student and one accompanying teacher from each of the participating classes held at the EMBL Campus in Monterotondo (RM). The workshop consists in theoretical and practical sessions on cellular and molecular biology inherent of the topics of the project, and is the occasion to present the structure and tools of the project and to promote establishment of the local operating networks at participating schools.

During the school year, the students choose a topic to further investigate in the field of Neuroscience or Stem Cell Research.

The project is connected to the most prominent international events in terms of dissemination of scientific knowledge about stem cells (Unistem Day) and neuroscience (the Brain Awareness Week) where the students involved in the project have a key role in moderating a discussion with the participating scientists and presenting their video produced in the frame of the project.

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