28-30 September, 2016
Monterotondo (RM)

High School Students, Teachers, Researchers, Experts in Science Education and Communication

12 Teachers
12 Students

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The Workshop “Educate on Science: School, Media and Society” has officially launched the second edition of the Be Scientist! project.

The working group composed of 12 teachers (from Campania, Lazio, Lombardia and Umbria) each accompanied by one student, participated to the Workshop held at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Monterotondo (Rome) Campus on 28-30 September 2016.

Compared to the previous edition, the Workshop program has been enriched with a stronger focus on the laboratory aspects related to the main topics and a more extended session on science communication, to respond to the troubles that teachers and students encounter in interpreting scientific information and judging reliability of media.
In planning the Workshop schedule, we could count on the expert support provided by the EMBL research facilities (to support the laboratory activities) and the communication department (to contribute to the communication session).

Over 3-days, teachers and students have been involved in:
 Scientific session: introduced by two lectures, presented by Laura Maggi and Antonio Musarò (both from Sapienza University in Rome) covering the main project topics: Neuroscience and Stem Cell research. The scientific topics have been further investigated through laboratory activities and Role Plays.

 Session on teaching methodologies: introduced by an inquiry-based demonstration on the PCR technique and followed by an extensive discussion moderated by Elisabetta Falchetti (expert in informal science education) to reflect with teachers and students about the efficacy of the most recent didactic methodologies to promote collective, critical and individual learning experiences.

 Session on Science Communication: Through a computer-based activity and a scientific journalism exercise, participants have been introduced to the world of science communication and media. A focus group moderated by Isabella Saggio (Director of the Master in Science Journalism of the Sapienza University) Benedetta Nicastro (Corporate Affairs Senior Manger at AMGEN) and Isabelle Kling (Communication Officer at EMBL Heidelberg) illustrated the process that leads to the publication of science news, and highlighted the needs and interests of both science communicators and researchers. The aim of this session is to provide the students with the necessary tools to collect scientific resources through the media and assess their reliability in order to prepare a final “product” of the project that will be displayed during the final outreach events connected to the project.


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