From October 2012 to March 2013

200 Students
15 Teachers


Program Unistem Day Sapienza
Program Unistem Day Tor Vergata


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The project involved a group of high schools from the roman area and was carried out through structured activities, with phases of study and discussion in presence or remotely, experimental activities, creating collaborative groups from different schools or within the same school on different aspects.

The project has been closed by the participation of the students to the roman edition of the Unistem Day 2013, held simultaneously at the Universities Sapienza and Tor Vergata. The double event was done through a live streaming, which allowed students present in both locations, to listen to the opening lecture given by Professor Giuseppe Novelli.
After that, both universities hosted a debate between students and scientists in the format of a Science Cafè. This part was partially prepared by the roman high schools students who joined the preparatory project “The long and fascinating journey of stem cell research” organized by Adamas Scienza.

At the Sapienza University, the debate has focused more on the scientific aspects of stem cell research and its implications in the field of therapies, while at the University of Tor Vergata the discussion has also addressed the issue of the relationship between science communication and the public, from the point of view of both researchers and science journalists.
The talks did not only relate to stem cells, the way they work and the opportunities they represent for the treatment of serious degenerative diseases, but also the challenges of the scientific and economic impact of biotechnology, the nature of science, the basis of the scientific method, the role of science in society.

A special talk of Marco Paolini was live-streamed to all the universities participating in the initiative.

The event is part of an initiative which involved 35 Italian universities, coordinated by the Unistem Group at the University of Milan.
Preparatory activities and the Roman event, coordinated by Adamas Scienza, were created in collaboration with science teachers from several schools in the roman area.

For more information on the Unistem Day 2013 click here.


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