From October 2010 to April 2011

450 Students
20 Teachers


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The idea of the project stems from the attempt to experience innovative and proven teaching methods to address a complex and controversial scientific theme, as stem cell research.
We joined secondary school teachers and students in a learning process based on the “inquiry” – or investigation – on remote collaboration and on the use of multimedia tools for educational purposes.
The central theme of stem cells has been split into four thematic areas (Experimental, Therapeutical, Bioethical and Historical / Speculative) and each class has chosen a subject to be explored through a cycle of activities inside and outside the school, with the support of the teachers and the organisers.

The project has made use of a strong interactive component, both in the structure of the activities and in the use of multimedia and remote support.
In fact, during the final phase students learning the same subject areas, have interacted in person and remotely in order to share resources, exchange ideas and collaborate in the preparation of a final report for each subject area. Students have freely chosen contents and forms that best matched the interpretation and elaboration of the subject and the creative abilities of the individual. At this stage the use of the social networks has been fundamental for the exchange and sharing among students, who have shown a great ease in using IT tools to participate in discussions and insights.

The result is an amazing collection of material that shows the engagement,  passion and motivation of the students and their teachers. And the artistic component of this project, represented by the productions of the students of the Art School Ripetta, emphasizes the beauty that characterised this experience.

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