WHEN AND WHERE: 23-25 September 2019 Monterotondo (RM)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Experts in science education and communication

PARTICIPANTS: 13 Secondary school teachers

Group Photo

EU member states have long since signed up to an action programme for sustainable development, indicating objectives and vulnerabilities in what is known as Agenda 2030.
On this front, our Association, in partnership with the Parque Explora in Medellin (Colombia) and the Big Van Ciencia group in Barcelona (Spain), is involved in the implementation of an EU-funded Erasmus+ project called VALUART.
The project involves conducting courses for researchers, museum animators and teachers aimed at experimenting and reflecting collectively on the methods and objectives of scientific communication.
The VALUART workshop organized by Adamas Scienza is aimed at teachers (not necessarily science teachers) who are particularly motivated and willing to experiment, and is born from the need to compare and share good practices of scientific communication, with the deep conviction that, beyond the content and recipients, it must have – and indeed can not ignore – a fundamental social value.
The course programme is developed through 5 sessions – in which different communication and dynamisation techniques are implemented – with the aim of collectively constructing a scientific communication product with social value.